Currently, every one of us has been thrilled to know that experts in our country have developed country’s first ever HIV vaccine, which can save lives of millions of people. A group of vaidyas believed in the HIV Ayurvedic Treatment and were silently experimenting to develop a vaccine for people, who are most vulnerable to HIV infection.

The study was initiated in the year 2001 and now is in the second stage of testing with collaboration to Armed Forces Medical College (Pune). If successful, the vaccine can be highly acknowledged alternative to costly allogenic medicine, which fails to offer a definitive cure for HIV. According to the experts, heading department of ayurvedic medicine at the university, the results obtained from the preclinical analysis and phase 1 trial are very exciting and have shown satisfactory clinical outcomes in more than 80% of the subjects.

While the study was conducted with 50 patients that were categorized in two groups like 25 members each in the study group and 25 members in control groups; experts proposed an idea to compare the effectiveness of both ayurvedic as well as allopathic medicines, such as nucleoside analog and protease inhibitors. Thus, if anyone of us is looking for HIV Treatment Center in Punjab, it is important for them to understand that the statistical analysis of clinical effectiveness in the first phase presented a data, wherein 50% of the patients in study groups exhibited increased weight gain as compared none in the control group. Studies have as well expressed a data, wherein patients who have been infected with severe HIV have shown good improvement over the period of time. Besides, these individuals are continuously on the same treatment and have not shown any relapse so far. These amazing results excited experts and forced them to propose an immediate extension of a clinical study for a second phase.

Researchers explained further that the cardinal features of the study were to analyze efficacy and feasibility of some of the well known anti-viral ayurvedic drugs, such as Sanjeevani and Sookshmatriphala that can minimize the chances of spread of infection and boost body’s natural immunity. Besides, Guduchi, Shatavari, Amalaki, Bhui Kohola, Makaradhwa, etc. that is known immunity boosters in Ayurvedic medicine.

The entire module of ayurvedic treatment is based upon the two treatments, like Rasayana chikitsa as well as panchakarma that are based upon the principle of natural restoration and rejuvenation of body’s immune system. During the course of therapy, medicines were administered in fixed doses at a specified time intervals, which enabled them to detoxify their body with infected, impure blood. Accordingly, with a time span of 30-60 days, a new blood is being produced that is practically free of viral infection. When analyzed public opinion on ayurvedic medicines for HIV, it has been evident that these ayurvedic medicines are without any known and unknown side effects and are very effective.

Thus, if you are looking for HIV Treatment in Uttar Pradesh, Ayurveda is a better option that should be considered, which can have minimum side effects, better therapeutic outcome and is cost effective as well as compared to their allogenic counterparts.