Across the world today more than millions of people are struggling to survive with HIV. Only in backward countries such as Africa, around 19.4 million people are suffering from HIV; out of which 51 % are children and 49% are adults. Across the world, almost 67% of the burden of HIV prevalence is being borne by the country like Africa. Considering the side effects of the antiretroviral treatments, people are now inclined towards HIV ayurvedic treatment in Nigeria.

Multiple organizations in this regard are making collective efforts to bring positive change through online as well as offline support. It is important for every person to understand the following 11 facts in order to recognize how severe is the pandemic, and what precautionary measures can be undertaken to prevent the same.

• Only in the underdeveloped countries like Sub-Saharan Africa, 69% of the total 39 million affected across the globe are living, the number is roughly estimated to be 23.8 million.

• 91% of the children suffering from HIV across the world are struggling for survival in Africa.

• Statistics suggest the death toll every year to be approximately 1 million for adults and that of children, in Africa itself.

• Since the beginning of the epidemic, so far more than 75 million people are affected by it and out of which, almost approximately 36 million have died with the dangerous illness.

• Currently, HIV has no solution in allopathy medicine, except for some anti-retroviral medicine; however, ayurvedic medicine can offer a viable solution for the same.

• However, due to insufficient supply of antiretroviral drugs, it is very difficult to manage the issue in small scale.

HIV treatment with Ayurveda

The Ayurveda is a medical science that has been followed up by ancient India, to treat variety fo disease illness. Accordingly, Ayurveda refers HIV to a disease associated with reduced immunity that is being identified to be as the vital sap of the body. Immunity is required to offer the mental and physical fitness to the human body. Since the immunity is reduced to a great extent, the human being is susceptible to the number of immunity-related diseases, such as TB, Herpes Infection, etc.

Ayurveda is supported by the unlimited of treatment options to boost the immunity. Especially a branch of Rasayana is helpful for specifically tackling immunity related issues and can boost the same, up to the level to bring back the strength and vitality.

The HIV treatment through HIV ayurvedic treatment in Nigeria mainly proposes a right combination of diet and other lifestyle changes along with medication to obtain complete recovery.

• In Ayurveda, it is possible to cure HIV by boosting the body’s own defense mechanism, and the same can be achieved through a balanced diet, supplementary code of conduct and Achaar Rasayana. Accordingly, a whole range of herbs such as amala, bala, nirigudi, etc has been proven to be excellent in improving immunity.

• It is very crucial although to provide the strength, moral support to the victim to maximize disease outcome.

• Continuous administration of ayurvedic tonics and rejuvenators can equally support long-lasting immunity and increase the rate of survival of HIV infected patients.