Ayurveda is an ancient medical practice that makes use of natural and completely herbal raw materials and ingredients to develop medicines that can cure almost every other ailment under the sky. In today's era syndrome like HIV is rising at an alarming rate and unfortunately western medicine have given up on any scope to discover a efficient medicine or course f treatment. In scenario like this, Ayurveda has come to rescue with a miracle remedy in the form of CONSTOP from the house of Bhagwati Ayurveda. The firm not only has discovered effective medicine for HIV in India but also is known for developing herbal remedies for ailments like diabetes and arthritis. For effective course of treatment for HIV in India, it is essential for every other Best Doctor for HIV Treatment to clearly understand the symptoms of HIV from the initial stage itself; else at chronic stage treatment will be extremely difficult. Some of the most visible and potential symptoms of the syndrome include the likes of following:

1. Fluctuation in body temperature and condition of constant fever
2. Loss in appetite and consequent loss of weight
3. Susceptibility to several other ailments including common cold and fever
4. Body rashes and asthma

Bhagwati Ayurveda is an effective much established firm that is into the service of care and hospitality since a long time. To discover proper and effective Best Doctor for HIV Treatment, the team behind the functioning of Bhagwati Ayurveda has undergone lots of research and scientific knowledge so that patients and diseased are provided with only best quality service. Even the best of doctor for HIV treatment in Delhi are completely satisfied with the cure that they themselves recommend it to their patients. In case of HIV, which is not a disease in itself, rather it is a syndrome that paves way for an array of several other simple ailments. The patient's immunity system becomes so weak that he or she becomes extremely vulnerable to every other disease. Therefore in order to ensure proper Best Doctor for HIV Treatment one must identify the possible symptoms from the initial stages itself.
Roots of HIV in ayurveda
As per ayurveda, it is believed that HIV is caused by dominant kapha dosha that along with other prominent doshas tends to block the path for flow of rasadi dhatus that deteriorates muscles, cells, tissues etc. to reduce immunity power. Thus causing the diseased condition.