HIV Treatment in Ayurveda

Although, research related to vaccine and cure for HIV is developing at a faster rate to allow people to live normal life expectancy. However, the medical world is still waiting for a complete cure of HIV. Despite the fact that ayurveda has proper solution for HIV and some of the Best Ayurvedic Doctor for HIV Treatment are available; people are still struggling for the better cure to treat HIV.

How Do HIV Medicine Work?

HIV is the human immunodeficiency virus, which attacks the immune system of the body, and especially on CD 4 cells. Complete destruction of CD4 cells leads to the collapse of the immune system further causing multiple opportunistic infections to take over human body. Thus, as a matter of fact a person with HIV ultimately dies with other infections like TB than HIV.

A medicine related to HIV further prevents a virus from multiplying inside the cell, further reducing the load of the virus. With the less viral load, it can ultimately be possible to recover completely from the diseased condition through destruction of infected cells only. Furthermore, ayurveda has suggested that people with HIV can possibly live a normal lifespan through limiting the viral load and are not able to transmit the disease.

When should a person start HIV medicine?

It has been suggested that Ayurveda emphasize on sculpting both mind as well as body towards the recovery of a person from HIV related illness. Other than the stated, allopathy also allows HIV management but it can lead to multiple side effects.

What should people know about HIV and associated infections?

Accordingly, some of the important facts that are to be discussed by the healthcare provider are:

Side effects of allopathy treatment

It is important to be understood that allopathic line of treatment can cause multiple side effects and can lead to serious versions. However, newer regimen offered by Ayurveda can allow faster recovery by targeting at the nutritional level, body and mind.

Ayurvedic line of treatment

At one side, while modern medicine is trying to figure out the internal nitty gritty of HIV and related pathology, Ayurveda has proposed a line of treatment some 300 years ago. Ayurveda treatment focuses mainly on the digestive system of the body and plan to produce best of the dhatus to be able to fight against the infection. Multiple Rasayanas medicines can be offered to patients in order to enhance the immune system of the body to fight against the opportunistic infections. Ayurveda is identified to be the mot safe treatment possible without causing any damage to multiple organs of the body. Studies have investigated that the treatment can prevent relapse of the diseased condition.