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Ayurvedic Treatment of HIV in India

Does Ayurveda work for HIV?

With vast awareness, people have now understood that unprotected sex can give rise to HIV and associated illness. HIV or human immunodeficiency virus is identified to be as the viral infection that can be linked with severely hampered immunity, giving rise to many opportunistic infections. Although, through current allopathic medical intervention, HIV is incurable; Ayurvedic Treatment of HIV in India, seems to be more promising and effective.

Ayurvedic Treatment for HIV: Some of the few ayurvedic remedies for HIV can be noted herewith

Provide healthy atmosphere to the patient

The patient has to be offered easily digestible food that is capable of providing nourishment to the body. The patient has to undertake simple yet active life with regular and easy exercise schedule to be followed, along with being a part of multiple productive activities.

Ayurvedic tonics

The patient has to be fed on several ayurvedic tonics as well as rejuvenators or Rasayanas that are responsible for boosting immune system. Through consumption of Rasayanas the immune system is boosted and the appetite is stimulated.

Shodhana Technique

When the patient gains some strength, he has to be undergone a shodhana technique, which can eliminate different toxins from the body through the process of purgation, emesis as well as enemas. The patient can also be offered certain ghee-based medicine, which is responsible for blood purification, and measures correction of liver issues.

Ghee based diet

The diet should be made up of ghee and other soups, which can help in strengthening liver and immune system. In fact, the patient is asked to avoid spicy, oily as well as outside food item, in order to avoid acidity and associated illnesses. If addicted, a little amount of alcohol can be consumed that can act as a support to digestive system.

Regular exercise schedule

Regular exercise schedule needs to be incorporated in order to generate heat and activity in muscles, and improved blood circulation. Active muscle powers can secrete more growth factors and immune cells, which is identified to be responsible for weakened viral load in certain cases. Consumption of several proprietary ayurvedic medicine has evidently proven to be improving patient’s condition, through several clinical investigation. These medicines can be noted as chyawanprash, raktavardhak and sookshma Triphala. The medicine can keep HIV infection at bay. Some of the other effective medicines can be noted as Shatavari kalp, Guduchi and Kalmegh. In fact, chyawanprash is the most effective ayurvedic medicine that can be used for modulating immune system of the body for the treatment of HIV. It is noted to be as the most effective immune booster may be because of its gooseberry or amalaka ark that are known for its natural antioxidant properties. Thus, ayurvedic medicines can work wonders in case of treating HIV and associated illness. This can be achieved with the help of enhance immunity and delayed deterioration of immune cells. Most importantly, ayurvedic medicine has so far not shown any side effects in patients suffering with HIV.