HIV Ayurvedic Treatment for HIV Patients

HIV is such a disease which slowly reduces the effectiveness of the immune system and leaves individuals vulnerable to opportunistic infections and tumors. HIV can be transmitted by the direct contraction of a mucous membrane or blood with an HIV-containing body fluid, such as blood, sperm, vaginal secretions, pre-eminence fluid and even breast milk.

Although research on treatments and vaccines is evolving rapidly and antiretroviral therapy is progressing so that people living with HIV have a life expectancy close to normal, we are still waiting for treatment to cure HIV.

Despite this, stories continue to circulate online and within communities, suggesting that there are other options for HIV Ayurvedic Treatment in Punjab to permanently get rid of the virus.

HIV infection is a disease characterized by a progressive deficiency of the immune system of the human body, caused by the human immunodeficiency virus. Currently, there is no cure for this disease. However, antiretroviral therapy has been successful in reducing the number of viruses to a minimum and has helped the immune system to improve. This HIV Ayurvedic Treatment in India has multiple side effects and over time, the virus starts to multiply, while the immune system gradually deteriorates.

HIV-infected patients need long-term or life-long treatment. Herbal medicines have the advantage of an impressive safety profile and can, therefore, be given for long periods without significant side effects. Medicinal plants can be administered independently or as an additional treatment compared to modern medicines. The current goal of managing HIV, which is to prolong healthy living at minimal risk and cost, can, therefore, be best achieved with herbal medicines.

HIV Ayurvedic Treatment in Delhi offers the best treatment for HIV patients. The ayruvédique (herbal) treatment for the patient with HIV is effective against all symptoms: fever, motorcyclist, loss of appetite, weight loss, vomiting, candida, loss of listening ability, the bite of skin, cough, harpis, face and many others. There are several types of anti-HIV drugs. Each type attacks the virus in a specific way.

HIV Ayurvedic Treatment in Haryana should contain medications that can eliminate diarrhea, increase absorption activities in the gastrointestinal tract, and improve the immune system. Pharmacologic phophylaxis with acquired immunity is not an effective long-term solution unless the circumstances warrant it.

A natural and safe immune system is the key to why some people with HIV have survived others. Medications must be natural so that our body can assimilate without side and toxic effects; a good attempt to minimize damage to vital organs. Some of the main symptoms of this disease are weight loss greater than 10% of body weight, a fever of more than one month and chronic diarrhea of more than one month.