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Ayurvedic Medicine has an history of more than 3000 years, and is referred to be as one of the world’s ancient, traditional yet holistic healing science. The discipline of Ayurveda is being originated in India, and is based on the concept of maintaining a delicate balance between mind, body and spirit to promote good rapport between mental well-being and physical health; through utilization of natural herbs, specific well planned diet and incorporation of unique health practices, like yoga.

The Basics of Ayurveda

The term Ayurveda is a combination of two Sanskrit words, Ayur i.e. life and Veda i.e. knowledge; and hence, is literally being referred to as a ‘Knowledge of Life’. The conceptual evolution of ayurvedic science and its therapeutic application, revolves around the three ancient books, which are considered to be the main texts of Ayurvedic Medicine and are identified as- Caraka Samhita, Sushruta Samhita, and Astanga Hridaya.

Ayurveda and Life Energy

An entire practice of Ayurvedic medicine believes that every small particle of the universe is connected with each other, with a strong force of energy. In this regard, a harmonious state of your spirit (Atman), Body (Deha) and mind (mana) can influence a good health; however, when any of these universal particles disrupts this coordination; a person tends to be unwell, both physically as well as mentally. Various reasons for these disruptions can be referred to as congenital birth defects, injuries, climate variations, accidentals, infections, age related disorders and other diseases.

For that matter, those who believe and practice Ayurveda, support a theory of existence of five basic elements in the universe identified to be as: Space, Air, Fire, Water and Earth. They have a combinational effect on the human body, in the form of life forces or energy; to keep it functional. Every individual inherits a unique mix of these three doshas; however, one is stronger than the others and is being materialized to control different body functions. Apparently, any sort of health issue that is being developed is linked with the imbalance of these doshas. They are namely:

Vata Dosha: It is the most powerful amongst all and is vital for controlling very basic tasks, like cellular divisions, breathing patterns, blood circulation, heart function, waste removal through intestine, digestive ability, etc. If it is the leading life force then certain acts like voracious eating, grief, fear, tension, stress, sleepless nights, etc. can have very bad impact on health, causing fatal outcomes, like anxiety, cardiovascular disorders, asthma, skin problems, etc.

Bhagwati Ayurveda has identified the potential of this ancient science in curing many fatal diseases, for which, allopathic medicine fails to provide definitive solution. It has been founded with a mission of applying a fundamental concept of Ayurveda, in a day to day life of each and every individual.

On our journey towards bringing therapeutic cure and mental well-being; we have been committed to harness nature’s wealth, with highest purity and ethical standards, to develop long term relationship of trust and excellence.

Our Ayurvedic Treatment Strategy

Through incorporation of ayurvedic science, we have come up with a specific treatment plan that is being designed, by considering person’s unique physical and mental integrity, primary life force and the extent of balance between all three of these elements. An ultimate goal of the treatment would be to cleanse body through undigested food, which can be harmful, if stayed in the body for longer period of time and bring back the coordinated action of these vital forces to restore structural harmony and functional balance. The cleansing process is called as the Panchakarma, and is being implemented through incorporation of blood purification, herbal massage, medical oil massage, enemas and/or laxatives.

Treatment for Human Immuno Deficiency Virus (HIV)

AIDS, an acronym for Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome is a fatal disease, characterized with the destruction of body’s defense mechanism or immunity, through a viral attack. According to the disease manifestation, Human Immuno Deficiency Virus (HIV) gains accidental entry into the human body via infected blood, unprotected relation and placental barrier. Upon entering into the body, it gets divide and multiplied in the white blood cells, through incorporation of its own DNA, and thus gets authorized to direct the cellular fate. Progressively, the increased viral load can destroy body’s own immune system; making it susceptible to other opportunistic infections, like tuberculosis. Through ayurveda perspective, AIDS can be referred to as “Kashya” or “Ojakashya”, meaning loss of energy and is caused predominantly through Kapha Dosha, along with obstructive flow of important “rasadi dhatus” to the important organs of the body; thus, causing slow deterioration of Sapta Dhatu Rasa (Plasma), Rakta (Blood Cells), Mansa (Muscular Tissues), Meda (Fat), Asthi (Bone), Majja (Bone Marrow) and Shukra (Reproductive Tissue)

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Ayurvedic Methods Treatment

Ayurvedic Methods Treatment

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It is a herbal and natural health care system. Mind, body and spirit health care system for long creative life.Treats the whole person and subtly eliminates the cause of the disease. It gives emphasis in preventive medicine.


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